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Writers of Color Invited to Submit Stories to Black Girl Dangerous – Pays up to $120/essay

Black Girl Dangerous (est. 2011), known as BGD for short, is a popular non-profit, reader-funded feminist website for people of color who are also queer and/or trans.

Led by award-winning writer Mia McKenzie, the editors welcome original, unpublished submissions that are “personal, political and intersectional.” Writers of color who are also queer and/or trans are invited to submit essays, stories, and videos to voice their opinions, viewpoints, and emotions and to express their literary and artistic talents.

Articles fall into a handful of categories, such as Race, Resistance, Solidarity, Feminism, and Current Events. The editor especially needs timely narratives that follow current or emerging news stories surrounding pop culture and politics.

Word length: 850-1100 words per article.

* Payment: BGD is now paying $75-$120 per published editorial piece; $75 to $150 for comics, and $125 to $250 for video.

Read updated submission guidelines at BGD’s website.

BGD’s mission is to magnify and broaden the diverse voices, experiences and talents of queer and trans* people of color. Since its launch in December 2011, BGD has showcased over 200 various writers from three countries.

(Previous rates were $50-$100/editorial piece in 2016.)

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