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‘Whispers of the Apoc’ Anthology Calls for Zombie Apocalypse Stories – Pays up to $100/story

Tannhauser Press is soliciting stories for Whispers of the Apoc, a forthcoming anthology of fiction tales set after the Zombie Apocalypse has happened.

Whispers of the ApocMartin Wilsey is editing the anthology. He welcomes stories that meet the following criteria:

  • Stories can take place the day of the Apocalypse or a year later.
  • Stories can be from different locations around the country.
  • Stories will occur in diverse places. Urban, suburban and rural. Even desolate, forsaken places.
  • No one knows why or how the Apocalypse happened. None of the stories will resolve that mystery.
  • Anyone who dies for any reason will transform into a zombie. The dead will turn 2-10 minutes after they die, even if they were not bitten.
  • Zombies can only be killed by destroying the brain.
  • The zombies dry out and mummify the older they become.
  • Zombies hear and see and smell to find prey. It’s all they do.
  • Zombies will eat any mammal they can catch, including cats, dogs, rats, cows, horses, deer.
  • Zombies get slower the older they get. Fresh ones can run and fight hard. Old zombies are shamblers.
  • Zombie bites will not kill you straight-out. You die in 24 to 48 hours. Symptoms consist of excessive sweating, extreme thirst, eventually fear of water.

Stories should be character-focused and about survival.

Word length: 5K-20K words per story.

Payment: between $25 and $100 per story.

Deadline: sometime in September 2017. Read the submission guidelines at the editor’s website.

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