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The Virginia Quarterly Review Opens 30-Day Reading Period for Prose and Poetry – Pays $200/poem

The Virginia Quarterly Review (est. 1925), a multi-award-winning literary and current events journal, has reopened submissions for poetry, fiction stories, and nonfiction essays. Writers can review sections of the publication for free online to familiarize themselves with what the editors publish.

The Virginia Quarterly ReviewPoets can submit poetry of any type and length and on any topic. Fiction stories are also open to any theme and genre, except for genre fiction (romance, sci-fi/f).

Nonfiction writers can submit or pitch essays and articles on literary, art, and artistic criticism; narrative; historical and political research; and travel.

The editors also welcome book reviews, from 2K to 2400 words per review.

Word length for prose: 2K-8K per fiction story; * 2500-9K 3500-9K words per nonfiction essay or article. The editors accept only unpublished, original work.


  • $200 per poem, up to four poems; a series of five or more poems pay $1,000; poems longer than 50 lines pay higher.
  • Payment for prose is 25 cents per word; payment for investigative pieces pay higher.
  • Book reviews pay $500 per review.
  • Online content pays $100-$200 per piece.

Reading period closes July 31, 2017 for unsolicited submissions. Read writer’s guidelines here.

The Virginia Quarterly Review was awarded the National Magazine Award Finalist for General Excellence. Paul Reyes serves as Deputy Editor.

* (VQR changed the word count for nonfiction in 2017)

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