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The Lovecraft eZine Re-Opens for Cthulhu Mythos Stories – Pays $50/story


The Lovecraft eZine has re-opened submissions for a limited time to receive Lovecraftian horror stories—these are fiction stories which stress the psychological terrors and monstrosities of the ‘weird’ and ‘unknown’ with elements of the supernatural, gore, bloodshed, surprise, or shock that one might experience in ordinary life.

The editor is interested in new spins on old Lovecraftian themes, such as cosmic horror; existential insanity, human cognition, the insignificance of mankind; celestial possession; the absence of a divine presence; and so on.

Suggested word length is 3K to 5K words. Although reprints are considered, the publication prefers original, unpublished stories.

Payment: $25/(fiction/flash/poetry)—under 3K words; and $50/story—over 3K words. Writers are paid upon publication for non-exclusive rights.

Deadline: TBD. Read writer’s guidelines at The Lovecraft eZine’s website.

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