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‘The He-Man Woman-Haters Club’ Anthology Calls for ‘Our Gang’ Fiction Stories – Pays 6 cents/word

EMRE Publishing is soliciting submissions for a new anthology called, The He-Man Woman-Haters Club, which will feature fiction stories about an “Our Gang-type” group of kids who land in trouble and learn many lessons in the large lavish enclosure of the Mar-a-Lago Country Club in Palm Beach, Florida.

Writers can adopt existing plots from the Our Gang films and refresh them to fit the present (technology, clothing, etc.). Stories will occur in present day. Antagonists can be people from the present (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Vladamir Putin, etc.), or you can develop others. Satire is allowed, but humor will adorn every story. Each child character will blend the adult’s persona and the Our Gang character’s persona. He or she will be a child, and the predicaments they experience at Mar-a-Lago will be childish in nature.

Word length: 3K to 5K words per story.

Payment: 6 cents/word.

Deadline: September 30, 2017. Read submission guidelines at EMRE Publishing.

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