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The Christian Science Monitor Raises Standard Story Rates and Seeks Submissions from Freelance Writers


The Christian Science Monitor (est. 1908), a leading news organization and weekly magazine that covers world affairs, has increased its standard pay for stories from $200 to $250. Rates could increase based on the experience of the writer or if writing for a specific department.

The editors rely on freelance writers to contribute to the following sections:

INTERNATIONAL NEWS: the editors welcome a wide range of global news pieces, from quick blog posts to 500-word headline stories to more in-depth journalistic and investigative news pieces.

NATIONAL NEWS: The editors welcome timely and trending stories of national appeal from anywhere in the U.S.

PEOPLE MAKING A DIFFERENCE: The editors accept stories that profile people–celebrities and ordinary people–influencing positive change in the world, such as reducing world hunger to strengthening the rights of disabled people. Each profile, about 1300 words in length, includes an engaging interview of the subject, along with quotes from at least two supporters. This section pays $300 per profile.

BOOK REVIEWS: The editors welcome pitches only for this section. Writers will need to submit a 1-2 paragraph query letter discussing the book review. This section pays $150/review.

The Christian Science Monitor has other sections open to freelance writers. Each section is supervised by a Section Editor, who serves as the main point of contact for freelance submissions. Read updated writer’s guidelines at the magazine’s website.

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