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Texas Home School Coalition REVIEW Raises Rates and Seeks Freelance Writers

Texas Home School Coalition REVIEW, a quarterly magazine advocating the political and societal rights of homeschoolers in Texas, has updated its writer’s guidelines and is inviting freelance writers to submit nonfiction articles for the next issue.

Texas Home School Coalition REVIEWThe editor currently needs articles that will address:

  • Articles about History/Social Studies/Civics
  • Successful Strategies for Learning Foreign Languages
  • Topics related to sports, extra-curricular and out-of-home learning experiences
  • Academic or social/emotional issues faced by junior high learners

Submissions do not need to fit the theme. Writers can also submit articles related to the purpose of the magazine, which contains material analyzing various techniques that improve studying habits in core curriculum (mathematics, writing, spelling, and history).

The editor also welcomes reviews of different homeschooling educational programs, and a broad range of other topics, as long as they focus on the issues that homeschool families encounter. Lyndsay Lambert serves as Editor.

New Word length: Feature articles run 1000 to 1500 words 800 to 1200 words. Sidebars range from 125 to 450 words 125 to 300 words.

Payment: writers are now paid $110/article $150/article, or $40 if it is a reprint article.

Submit by April 3, 2017. Read writer’s guidelines at the magazine’s website.

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