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‘Tales of Blood and Squalor’ Anthology Calls for Horror Stories – Pays up to $150/story

Dark Cloud Press is inviting writers to submit short fiction stories to Tales of Blood and Squalor, a forthcoming anthology of horror and psychological thrillers.

Writers can choose their own topics and themes as long as their stories feature elements of blood and squalor, or what the publisher describes as “Wretched, low-class characters living in filth and poverty. With lots of misery and blood.”

A few ideas of what the publisher is seeking:

  • Murder in a trailer park.
  • Blackmail gone amiss in skid row.
  • Revenge in an abandoned mining town.
  • Foreboding events on the rural farm.
  • Deadly dealings beyond of the tracks in small-town America.

Stories must feature atmospheric horror in a squalid setting, or scenes under impoverishment conditions, downtrodden characters, and a psychologically exhilarating conclusion swashed with blood.

Word length: 2500-5K words per story.

Payment: 3 cents/word (up to $150/story).

Dark Cloud Press is publishing the anthology in both paperback and Kindle format.

Deadline: September 30, 2017. Submit your story at the publisher’s website.

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