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Strange Horizons Raises Rates and Opens Submissions for Speculative Fiction Stories – Pays 8 cents/word

Strange Horizons, an award-winning speculative fiction zine, has reopened its fiction department and is accepting submissions from writers. The weekly zine publishes high-quality sci-fi, fantasy, horror and slipstream from emerging and experienced writers and poets.

The Fiction Editors include: Vajra Chandrasekera; Lila Garrott; Catherine Krahe; and An Owomoyela. They welcome tales of broadly-defined speculative fiction, up to 10K words, but 5K words is recommended. Work must be exclusive and original. Payment is 8 cents per word (considered above pro-rates for this genre).

Additionally, Strange Horizons publishes poetry, reviews, and nonfiction essays. These departments are usually open year round.

Non-fiction includes interviews, weekly columns, roundtable discussions, reviews, and critical and scholarly essays that pertain to science fiction and the genre’s or author’s contribution to society and culture. Payment is now: $50 $40/column, $80 $50/essay, $40 $25/interview, $20/discussion, $30/review, and $40 $25/reprinted essay.

Writers with diverse perspectives and backgrounds are encouraged to submit poetry. Poems are speculative in nature and can contain elements of SF, fantasy, horror, and slipstream. The editors want contemporary, stimulating poems that probe the possible and impossible, especially fantastical tales about human and nonhuman experiences, fantasies and reality, past and future, and the here-and-now and otherwhere-and-elsewhen. Payment is now $40/poem $30 per poem(1), regardless of length.

Reading period is open until further notice. Read complete submission guidelines at http://strangehorizons.com/submit/

(1) Rates in 2016.

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