Speculative Fiction Markets Anthology - Call for Submissions

Speculative Fiction Stories Needed for ‘Holy C.O.W.! SF stories from the Center Of the World’ – Pays 10 cents/word

Creative writers are invited to submit to Holy C.O.W.! SF stories from the Center Of the World, a forthcoming anthology of speculative fiction stories embedded in the ancient Fertile Crescent, Levant and the Middle East, but expanded into the near and far-off future.

Editor D. Avraham welcomes all styles and sub-genres, including humorous speculative fiction, quality flash fiction and stories with experimental narratives. The region must play a vital part of the story, and not simply a transplant. Accredited English translations of original stories, especially from regional artists, are encouraged.

Story length: 500 to 6K words.

Payment: 7-10 cents/word (considered above-pro-rates for this genre), plus a contributor’s copy. Payment is issued upon acceptance.

Deadline: November 30, 2017.

Holy C.O.W.! SF stories from the Center Of the World will be released June 2018.

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