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Speculative Fiction Stories Needed for ‘Alternate Histories of the Jewish People’ Anthology – Pays 8 cents/word

Award-winning author/editors Andrea D. Lobel and Mark Shainblum are inviting writers to submit stories for OTHER COVENANTS: Alternate Histories of the Jewish People, a forthcoming anthology of Jewish alternate history, to be published by ChiZine Publications in Fall 2019.

Alternative history (a popular sub-genre of speculative fiction) meshes fictional narratives into the “what-if”s of the past, and probes the endless variety of historical roads not trodden in the past, present or future.

'Alternate Histories of the Jewish People' AnthologyFor this anthology, writers can pick any subject from Jewish history–Biblical, historical and mythological. Here are some ideas:

  • What if the Holocaust had never happened?
  • What if Joseph’s brothers had not sold him into slavery in Egypt?
  • What if The State of Israel had been established in Uganda? Or Germany?
  • What if Jesus’ followers had not broken with Judaism?
  • What if The Jews had defended their faith door-to-door for a thousand years?
  • What if The Romans had not laid waste to Jerusalem and the Second Temple?
  • What if Judaism became the assertive Western religion, but was rifted by conflicts between the Temple priesthood and reformist rabbis who put the Torah and prayer before Temple ritual and sacrifice?
  • What if The Spanish Inquisition had never happened?
  • What if Napoleon had not demolished Europe’s ghetto walls?
  • What if The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were reality … in some other universe?

A fiction story pegged as alternate history has these three fundamentals:

  1. A point of divergence from the history of our world preceding the time at which the author is writing;
  2. A change that would alter history as it is known; and
  3. An exploration of the sequents of that change.

Word length: 500-15K words per story; up to 2 pages in length for poetry (up to 2K words).

Payment: 8 cents/word (CND), which equals 6 cents/word in U.S. funds (considered pro-rates for this genre).

Reading period closes: February 4, 2018.

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