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Schoolbooks & Sorcery Anthology Calls for Young Adult Urban Fantasy Stories – Pays 6 cents/word

Editor Michael M. Jones is inviting writers to contribute to Schoolbooks & Sorcery, a queer-inclusive young adult urban fantasy anthology which combines the themes of sorcery, magic, and enchantment in a high school or other YA setting.

Stories should follow these guidelines:

  • Genre is urban fantasy.
  • All stories must involve magic, and those who engage in magic.
  • The magic can originate from within, as an inherent ability or a family attribute, or from without, through talismans, training, or teaching.
  • Central characters can be wizards, witches, sorcerers, magicians, shamans, apprentices, or practitioners of mystical traditions.
  • Other unearthly elements, such as werewolves, vampires, ghosts, or fairies, are invited, provided that they don’t eclipse the primary theme.
  • The story can be set in modern times/on Earth, however authors may use a multitude of settings, cultures, and influences to enrich their characters and world-building.
  • All stories must be considered YA.

Schoolbooks & Sorcery is meant to be a queer-friendly YA anthology, embodying the full spectrum of sexuality and gender identification, while featuring a comprehensive collection of fulfilling, engaging, extraordinary and dynamic stories.

Word length: 2K-6K words per story.

Payment: 6 cents/word (considered pro-rates for this genre). Authors will receive a digital and print copy of the anthology.

Deadline: August 31, 2017. Read submission guidelines at the editor’s website.

Ultra Violet Press, an imprint of Circlet Press, plans to release Schoolbooks & Sorcery as a trade paperback and an ebook.

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