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Scary Dairy Press Calls for Dark Fiction Stories for Terror Politico II Anthology – Pays up to $70/story

Scary Dairy Press LLC, a small press specializing in dark, bizarre and strange fiction, is seeking short story submissions for the second annual Terror Politico anthology.

Stories will explore the malevolence of politics, and the Capitol Hill monsters that prowl in our political arena. Embrace a hot topic of debate or controversy (i.e.: guns, immigration, birth control, women’s rights, discrimination) and usher it into the fiction realm. Put a paranormal, or monster twist on it, or bring it back in time or into the future.

This anthology will include one or more of these genres: horror, dark fiction, dark fantasy, speculative fiction, or bizarro. Stories can take place anytime, anyplace (even space), and on any political topic. Blend genres if you want, but create a story that provokes and disturbs the human conscience.

Suggested word length: 3K to 7K words per story.

Payment: between $30 and $70 per story based on word count.

Deadline: December 31, 2017. Read the full submission guidelines at the publisher’s website.

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