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Romance Authors Invited to Submit Manuscripts to Heroes and Heartbreakers – Pays $1,000 Advance

tumblr_inline_of7k8zDFLr1r1yxm0_540.png, a popular social network of diehard romance readers and authors, is inviting writers to submit short romance manuscripts for possible publication. The site recently updated its submission guidelines.

The editors will consider short stories, 15k-30K words, as well as novellas (30K-50K words) and category-length works (up to 60K words) in any subgenre of romance: modern, historical, erotic, chick lit, romantic thriller, urban fantasy, multicultural, and so on. Work must be original and unpublished.

Payment is a $1,000.00 (and possibly more) advance against a 25% royalty.

Authors will need to prepare a cover letter with this information:

  • The subgenre of the story
  • A concise recap of the story
  • Consent that the story is original and unpublished
  • Publishing credentials
  • If your story is tied into a larger universe in which you currently write
  • Twitter and Facebook URLs if applicable

Read the author’s guidelines at

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