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Rhubarb magazine Calls for ‘Playful’ Prose and Poetry Submissions – Pays $50/story or poem

The Mennonite Literary Society (Winnipeg, Canada) is accepting submissions from self-identifying Mennonites for a forthcoming issue of its literary journal, Rhubarb. The theme is “Play.”

The editors are giving writers the creative freedom to interpret “play” and write prose or poetry based on what the word means to them. The editors also welcome book reviews, personal narratives, humor pieces, and artwork connected to the theme.

Length: Poetry should not exceed 30 lines; and fiction and nonfiction should not exceed 3K. All work must be original and not published elsewhere.

Payment: $50/submission. Buys FNASR.

Deadline: March 1, 2017. Read submission calls at Rhubarb’s website.

Rhubarb is a private, secular, non-profit journal for public consumption. Each issue showcases the talents of writers and artists who classify themselves as practicing, regressed, or non-practicing Mennonites. Victor Enns serves as Executive Editor.

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