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Random House’s Hydra Imprint is Open for Sci-Fi/F and Horror Manuscripts


Random House (est. 1925) is inviting authors to query the acquisition editors of Hydra (est. 2013), a digital-only imprint devoted entirely to publishing science fiction, fantasy, and horror titles. The editors are open to original full-length manuscripts as well as previously-published titles. Suggested word count is 40K words and above per manuscript.

Random House assigns each accepted author a staff editor, marketer, and publicist to help authors build their platforms and introduce their books to readers worldwide.

Each title is available to purchase via all major e-retailers.

Random House offers two types of payment plans for authors: 1) under the profit-share model, the author does not receive an advance; instead the author and Hydra split profits 50-50; 2) under the more traditional publishing model, Hydra pays the author an advance and offers 25% net royalties per book sales. Authors receive cash payments quarterly.

Authors can query the editors via an online form. Response time is typically 2-4 weeks. Read submission guidelines here

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