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Ploughshares Journal Reopens Submissions for ‘Look2 Essay series’ – Pays up to $250/essay


Ploughshares (est. 1971), a thrice-yearly literary journal based at Emerson College, is inviting writers to submit essays for its “Look2 Essay” initiative. The editors who oversee the Look2 Essay series want to publish essays about underrepresented or neglected writers who have talent. A typical Look2 Essay explores the writer’s entire body of work with the intention of showcasing the overlooked writer and his or her relevance to a contemporary readership.

The essay can cover a writer living or deceased and from any place in the world. Essays should include any important biographical information about the writer’s work.

The editors only accept queries for this series. Pitch a query that summarizes your essay, the subject of your essay, how you plan to write it, and why you are qualified to write it.

Word length: to be discussed.

Payment: $25/printed page, $50 minimum per title, $250 maximum per author.

Reading period ends January 15, 2017. Read submission guidelines here.

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