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Overland magazine Posts New Nonfiction Topics for Freelance Writers – Pays $500/article

Overland is a progressive and self-enduring literary magazine published quarterly in Australia since 1954. The editors have posted new topic ideas to help writers pitch relevant nonfiction pieces. Each week they update the “Pitch to Overland” page with new nonfiction topics. They also seek engaging fiction stories as well as politically-charged poetry for the print edition.

Write for Overland magazineOverland’s goal is to promote new, innovative and dynamic work exploring the liaison between politics and culture, especially literary works, and to share that work with the masses.

The quarterly magazine publishes essays, opinionated pieces, memoirs, reviews and other compelling narratives influenced with a strong cultural or political interpretation.

Overland regularly seeks new nonfiction articles, especially for the online weekday edition. Articles typically run 500-1000 600-1000 words. Popular nonfiction topics include politics, culture, labor rights, indigenous writing, feminism, and activism.

* Payment: $120 for articles published online (previous rate was $70/article); minimum payment is $500 for nonfiction and fiction published in the print magazine (previous rate was $400/article). Payment for poetry is $150/poem.

Reading period: ongoing. Read the the updated writer’s guidelines at Overland’s website.

(* New rates increased for 2017)

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