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Outpost magazine Updates Writer’s Guidelines and Seeks Travel Stories – Paying Market


Outpost magazine (est. 1996) has updated its writer’s guidelines to help freelance writers pitch relevant articles to the editors.

The bi-monthly magazine and website treat readers to beautiful long-form travel journalism, accompanied with stunning photos, along with extensive travel guides highlighting obscure getaways.

Although Outpost is a Canadian magazine with a provincial perspective, the editors do accept stories from writers residing anywhere in the world.

The editors welcome stories about real-world travel adventures, tongue-in-cheek travel experiences, and thrill-seeking escapades in unusual locations around the world.

The magazine and website are separated loosely into various columns that welcome freelance submissions, such as the following:

Feature Stories: long-form travel writing depicting a special travel adventure that you or someone else experienced.

Thrillseeker: extreme experiences in adventure travel.

The Insider’s Guide: detailed and specific travel information, recommendations, suggestions and strategies on a particular subject, theme or travel experience.

Gourmet Du Monde: international recipes that present diverse cultures and tastes around the globe.

Field Notes: travel stories connected to science, such as field research, exploration, biology, sociology or botany.

Word length: 2K-5K words (3,000 to 5,200 words) per feature story; 800-1500 words (1,000 to 1,500 words) for shorter pieces.

Payment: the editors negotiate rates individually with writers.

Freelance writers can visit Outpost’s website to familiarize themselves with the editorial style, focus, tone, and themes.

Pitch the editor first via email; do not submit a finished story. 

New email address is submissions -(AT) Read updated writer’s guidelines at the magazine’s website.

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