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New Submission Deadline for Chicken Soup for the Soul Book – Pays $200/story


Chicken Soup for the Soul (CSS) has extended the submission deadline of Dreams, Premonitions and the Unexplainable (formerly called Dreams & Synchronicities) to January 31, 2017 (initial deadline was May 31st).

The editors are reviewing true, meaningful stories about “unexplained things”–a feeling, a dream, a coincidence–that slightly altered or deeply transformed your life.

Stories can be funny, entertaining, serious or sincere; most importantly, stories must uplift and hearten readers to experience the contributor’s full range of emotions. Make sure you write in first-person.

Word length: up to 1200 words. Poetry: open line count.

Payment: $200 per story or poem or $100 per devotional. Authors also receive 10 contributor’s copies. Authors retain the copyright to their stories.

Deadline: January 31, 2017. Read Chicken Soup’s guidelines here.

Founded in 1993, Chicken Soup for the Soul books have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. The series is published and distributed by Simon & Schuster, Inc. A typical CSS story is an inspiring, factual story about common people having astounding experiences, opening the hearts of readers and revitalizing their souls with purpose. Each story contains a special, unique element of emotion that makes readers become more confident, more interconnected, more appreciative, more spirited and more fitting about life as a whole.

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