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Nevada Magazine Posts 2016 Editorial Calendar – Pays $250/story


Nevada Magazine (est. 1936) has posted a 2016 editorial calendar that can help freelance writers pitch more focused and relevant articles to Megg Mueller, Managing Editor and the editorial staff for the remainder of this year.

The bimonthly, 80-page magazine is the official state tourism publication and offers busy travelers and Nevada aficionados with useful and amusing articles on the Silver State.

The magazine has several departments open to freelance writers to cover city and country travel, cuisine, local folks and personalities, history, culture, gaming, and more. Departments include:

  • Nevada news, events, and trends (approx. 200 words).
  • Visions: a section showcasing exceptional photography with expanded captions.
  • City Limits: destination stories for Nevada’s bigger metropolitan areas.
  • Wide Open: destination stories for Nevada’s outlying towns and locales.
  • Cravings: focused on dishes and drink, such as new or appealing restaurants, wine shops, coffee houses, or chef profiles.
  • Travels: adventure stories of people traveling Nevada History: honoring the Silver State’s past.
  • Spotlights: feature articles (500-1000 words) on events, shows, or individual entertainers.

Payment: up to $250 per story or article that appears in the magazine; $100-$200 for web-only stories. The magazine buys First North American Rights.

Writers must query first with their story idea(s).

Editorial calendar | Current witer’s guidelines

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