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Martian Migraine Press Calls for Lovecraftian Fiction for ‘Unusual Stories of Possession’ Anthology – Pays 3 cents/word


Martian Migraine Press, a small Canadian publisher of transgressive weird fiction, is now seeking Lovecraftian and Cthulhu Mythos stories for A Breath from the Sky: Unusual Stories of Possession, a forthcoming anthology featuring tales about “being possessed” inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s horror story, The Colour Out of Space (pub. 1927).

For this anthology writers should ask themselves what it means to be “taken over” by something that is not yourself. Stories should explore the terror of possession, but can also address the euphoria of it, the advantages (if any), and the sacrifices and merits of fusing with something outside of oneself, whether forcibly or voluntarily.

The editors encourage writers to move away from conventional tropes that can oppress their creativity and embrace more convincing depths of terror, shock, and cosmic wonder.

Word length: under 1,500 words for flash fiction; 1500-7K words for short fiction.

Payment: 3 cents/word (CAD), plus contributor’s copies (paperback and digital).

Reading period ends: January 31, 2017. Read submission guidelines at the publisher’s website.

A Breath from the Sky is scheduled for release in August 2017.

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