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‘Love & Bubbles’ Anthology Calls for Under-the-Sea Romance Stories – Pays $50+/story

Jaylee James, founder and senior editor of the former Vitality Magazine, is inviting submissions for Love & Bubbles, a forthcoming anthology of “under the sea” romance stories.

Love & Bubbles will feature love stories centered around: underwater biodomes, submarines, scuba diving, alien planets completely covered by water, sea monsters, selkies, mermaids, water witches, Neptune/Poseidon, lost underwater civilizations, ghost ships, etc.

Stories must take place under the sea, NOT on the sea. LGBTQ+ characters are encouraged. Also, stories must end “happy for now”–no tragic endings.

Word length: up to 5K words per story.

Payment: the amount of payment will be based on the success of a Kickstarter campaign in early 2018 to fund this anthology. Payment will range between $50 and $300 per story.

Jaylee James plans to publish Love & Bubbles in August 2018.

Submissions close: December 20, 2017.

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