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Literary Journal ‘Contemporary Verse 2’ is Looking for Poetry and Prose Submissions – Pays up to $150/story

Contemporary Verse 2, a time-honored Canadian literary journal, is reviewing unsolicited submissions of prose and poetry for forthcoming issues.

Write for Contemporary Verse 2Established in 1975, CV2 is well-respected for welcoming a range of writing styles by both emerging and seasoned writers, from progressive to conventional and from classic lyric to experimental prose.

The editors are reviewing poetry, including articles, essays, interviews, and reviews related to poetry.

CV2 echoes a variety of styles and viewpoints epitomizing an array of ethnic and artistic expressions alongside literary distinction.

Each issue stimulates discourse and analysis on the craft of poetry, the poets themselves, and important topics they encounter.

Although CV2 is mainly written in English, the journal also accepts submissions in French for publication.

Word length: Poetry, under 7 pages. Interviews, 6-8 pages long. Articles, 3-4 pages. Essays, 2-4 pages. Reviews, 600-1000 words.

Payment: $30/poem; $50-$100/interview or article; $40-$150/essay; and $20-$75 $50-$80/review**. Rights: FNSR. Authors keep all rights to their material.

Reading period closes May 31, 2018. Read writer’s guidelines at CV2’s website.

** New rates as of Sept. 2017.

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