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Instaread is Seeking Freelance Writers to Contribute Book Summaries for App – Pays $100/summary

Instaread, a new mobile app that summarizes an entire book in 30 minutes or less, is inviting freelance writers and app users to contribute book summaries to its growing library of “instant reads.”

Each summary is limited to 1500 words. The company provides instructions to write specific sections of a summary, along with a sample summary to follow.

Summaries provide readers with key information of the book, along with insights, important people, the author’s writing style, the author’s perspective, and the intended readership.

* Payment: $50 $100 per summary plus six months of free access of the app.

Deadline: April 18, 2017. Visit Instaread’s submission page for full details.

* (Pay rate increased from $50 to $100 recently)

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