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Hallmark Publishing Calls for Romance and Mystery Novel Manuscripts from Authors

Hallmark Publishing, a new publishing venture by the Hallmark (TV) Channel, is now accepting unsolicited manuscripts from authors.

The new imprint plans to publish romance and mystery novels based on some of Hallmark’s TV shows and movies as well as all-new original novels.

The acquisition editors are interested in male/female romance novels and inviting mystery novels that also revere friendship, family, and/or community connections. All stories must end happily.

Specifically for romance, the editors are seeking: 1) present-day stories set in the United States, particularly with Christmas, small town, and seasonal/holiday themes; 2) romantic suspense; 3) historical romance set in North America or the United Kingdom; 4) romance stories with some religious elements, time travel or magic (but no paranormal). In mystery, the editors want contemporary stories set in the United States. They also welcome ideas for a mystery series.

For both genres, the editors prefer third person POV, alternating between her and his viewpoint, but they will consider a first-person story with a dynamic voice. They’d love to receive stories that express cultural diversity.

Manuscript length: 70K-85K words.

Authors can submit their complete manuscript with a 3-4 page synopsis online at Hallmark’s website.

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