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Hakai Magazine Updates Writer’s Guidelines and Seeks Freelance Writers

Hakai Magazine (est. 2015) has updated its writer’s guidelines and is seeking experienced freelance writers to explore the connections between the ocean, land, and human societies via long- and short-form journalism, illustration, photography, and video.

Hakai MagazineThe online grassroots magazine publication investigates science and society in our coastal environments. The editorial focus is to encourage people and communities to contemplate their relationship with coastal ecosystems–from various perspectives–daily.

For 2017 the editor welcomes freelance writers to pitch story ideas that address coastal ecological communities, cultures, and populaces worldwide from different perspectives, from archaeology and ecology, to policy and engineering.

Beginning writers can pitch story ideas to the News & Views section, and more experienced writers can pitch feature articles, investigative stories, and narratives on several topics.

Stories should lean mainly toward science/environmental themes and showcase strong storytelling, acumen of research, and quality of writing.

Word length: 1K-3K 1K-5K words for feature articles; 300-800 words for stories and commentary.

Payment: Not disclosed, but usually up to $1.00 per word (Canadian currency). Specific rates are discussed with assigned writers.

Read the updated writer’s guidelines at Hakai Magazine’s website.

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