Poetry - Call for Submissions

Goblin Fruit Calls for New Poetry Submissions – Pays $15/poem

Goblin Fruit (est. 2006), a quarterly digital publication, has opened its second reading period of 2017 to discover talented writers who write fantastical poetry. The editors define this category of poetry as poetry that explores mythic, surreal, fantasy and folkloric themes–or addresses other themes–in a fantastical way.

Writers can rewrite a fairy tale, muse an old story, contemplate history from a unique perception, or create something from fleeting thoughts, as along as the fantastical ingredient is prevalent.

What constitutes as “fantastical” is up to the interpretation of the writer.

The editors welcome all forms of poetry, rhyme, and meter.

Payment: $15 per poem.

Reading period ends June 1, 2017. Submit your poetry at Goblin Fruit’s website.

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