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‘Ghosts On Drugs’ Anthology Calls for Fiction Stories – Pays 15 cents/word

Ghosts On Drugs, a forthcoming anthology of fiction stories featuring ghosts, is still reviewing submissions from both emerging and experienced writers.

Bestselling author Hy Bender and book developer Will Paoletto are co-editing the anthology. They invite writers to submit their best fiction tales that feature a ghost (or ghosts) who’s on a drug (or drugs). Because the anthology is meant to be playful and entertaining and will appeal to a broad readership, the editors welcome stories that blend comedy with other genres (incl. sci-fi/f, thriller, adventure, etc.).

Suggested length: between 2 and 40 pages.

Payment: 15 cents/word first 2,500 words, then 6 cents/word. Authors will also receive a share of royalties.

Deadline: November 15, 2017. Submit your story as soon as possible.

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