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Freelance Writers Needed to Write for Communication Arts magazine – Paying Writer’s Market


Communication Arts (est. 1959), a bimonthly visual arts magazine supported by an editorially-strong website, has updated its writer’s guidelines and is seeking freelance contributors to cover insightful viewpoint-driven articles on trendsetting developments, moralistic issues and how artists can thrive in the creative fields of graphic design, art and illustration, photography and advertising media.

Currently, the available freelance assignments include: 1) profiling emerging and seasoned trendsetters in different disciplines; 2) interviewing creative professionals about their latest projects and the inspiration behind the development; 3) columns on tips and techniques to improve one’s skills; 4) articles on the social and cultural influences in the creative arts field; 5) reports on arising fads; and 6) a roundup of relevant issues on a specific subject.

Suggested word length is between 800 and 1000 1500 words.

Payment: CA pays competitive rates to all writers whose articles are published. The editors negotiate rates upon an assignment.

Query first with published clips. Read writer’s guidelines at CA’s website.

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