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Freelance Writers Needed to Write for The American Gardener magazine – Pays up to $600/Article


The American Horticultural Society (est. 1922) is looking for freelance writers to write for The American Gardener, a bi-monthly glossy gardening magazine read mostly by novice garden enthusiasts and a small percent of professional horticulturists.

The editors are in need of the following:

  • Profiles of individual plant groups;
  • Cutting-edge methods to designing a garden, such as constructing ponds or paths;
  • Profiles of noteworthy gardeners whose work has widespread appeal;
  • Plant research, classification, and plant hunting;
  • Plant preservation, biodiversity, and heirloom gardening;
  • Events or personalities in American horticultural history;
  • People-plant relationships;
  • Plant folklore and literature;
  • Gardening techniques such as grafting, pollarding, or propagation.

Freelance writers must make sure their articles promote environmentally-accountable gardening practices, such as limiting unnatural chemicals and fertilizers, deterring prohibited stockpile of plants from the wild, and eliminating plants that could proliferate and harm organic ecosystems.

Word length: 1500 to 2500 words for feature articles; 600-1000 words for departments.

Payment: $300-$600 per feature articles; $150-$200 per department.

An excellent way to break into the magazine–especially for new writers–is to propose an article for one of the magazine’s recurring departments.

David Ellis serves as Editor-in-Chief. Read writer’s guidelines at The American Gardener’s website.

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