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Freelance Writers Needed to Write for Fun for Kidz magazine – Pays 5+ cents/word

Publishing company Fun For Kidz Magazines has combined all three of its mainstay publications, Hopscotch Magazine, Boys’ Quest Magazine, and Fun For Kidz into one bi-monthly publication. The rebranded Fun for Kidz magazine will present stories for all children, boys and girls, aged 6-13.

Each issue of Fun for Kidz magazine focuses on popular, timeless topics involving games, sports, activities, hobbies, pets, and so on.

The editors are looking for freelance writers to write nonfiction articles for upcoming themed issues. The September 2017 issue will focus on “Pets”; and the November 2017 will focus on the tagline, “It’s a Mystery.”

Word length for articles is usually 350-375 words.

Payment starts at 5 cents per word and goes higher for more experienced writers; and $10 and higher per poem or puzzle. The publisher also pays $5/photo.

Read the updated writer’s guidelines at the publisher’s website.

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