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Freelance Writers Needed to Write Critical Pop Culture Essays for – Paying Market


Freelance Writers are needed to write critical essays and nonfiction articles for, home to the quarterly magazine Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture (est. 1996).

The online editors are reviewing article pitches for four sections of the website:

  1. Screen (movies, television, and videos);
  2. Books;
  3. Activism; and
  4. Culture.

Writers can pitch: 1) critical essays about one’s personal experience and social influences; 2) interviews with feminist culture trendsetters; 3) reviews and nuanced interpretations of horrifying and/or uplifting examples of pop culture.

Bitch Media defines pop culture as broadly embodying cultural sentiments and beliefs, anomalies of the popular imagination, and social trends and mainstream media.

Essays should invoke discussion and debate and must be well-researched, supported with evidence, and provide timely statistics to confirm any claims.

Writers can submit their full article or a 100-300 word summary, along with a cover letter and samples.

Payment: Writers are paid competitive rates. The amount is based on word count, topic, research, and other factors.

Deadline: December 31, 2016. Pitch the editors via the website’s Submittable page.

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