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Freelance Writers Invited to Write for Your Workplace magazine – Pays 25 cents/word


Your Workplace (est. 1998), a leading Canadian magazine covering leadership and work-life issues, has posted its 2017 editorial calendar, along with updated writer’s guidelines, and welcomes articles for next year. Each issue highlights significant workplace problems and strategies on how to resolve them. 

The bi-monthly magazine has a handful of departments and columns open for freelance writers, along with feature articles.

The editorial focus is to deliver positive solutions to workplace issues, and techniques for harmonizing the necessities of today’s demanding world of work with healthy living.

Topics vary from management, learning, professional improvement, management and workplace guidelines, to relationships, health and well-being, communication and work-class culture. Readers include executives, leaders and employees in dynamic organizations.

Word length: from 600 to 2,500 words for feature articles, including sidebars and/or visuals.

Payment: starts at 25 cents per word and increases depending on the type and topic of the article and the writer’s background.

Petra Peter, Assistant Editor, is in charge of queries and submissions.

2017 Editorial Calendar | Read writer’s guidelines here.

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