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Freelance Writers Invited to Write for Traditional Bowhunter magazine – Pays $400/article

Freelance Writers are invited to write for Traditional Bowhunter (est. 1988), a bi-monthly magazine devoted to preserving and developing the rich culture and tradition of hunting with the longbow, recurve, and selfbow.

Write for Traditional Bowhunter magazineWriters must be able to write knowledgeably and authoritatively about traditional archery and bowhunting. The magazine’s hunting stories usually highlight do-it-yourself, unguided hunts except in instances wherein a guide is lawfully mandated. The editors recommend writers read an issue or two to acquaint themselves with the editorial style, focus, and current needs of the magazine.

Premium photo support embodies an essential part of most submissions. Strong photo support significantly improves the chance of the editor accepting an article. Try to provide a variety of images that enhances the reader’s view of the topic. Include basic detailed captions for all images.

Word length: up to 1500 words for short features; 1500-3000 words for longer feature articles; 800-1500 words for columns. (Most columns are assigned.)

Payment: $150-$250 per short feature; $300-$400 for longer features; $300 for columns. Rates will vary based on the quality and length of the article as well as photo support.

The editors also accept short feature article for online publication at its website. Word length is up to 1500 words. Payment is $50 for the article with photo support.

Writers must submit a detailed query letter first, instead of submitting a completed manuscript. Co-Editor Don Thomas is in charge of reviewing queries.

[ Read updated writer’s guidelines ]

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