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Freelance Writers Invited to Write for – Pays Competitive Rates

Freelance Writers are invited to write for, a daily shopping-themed website that covers shopping from every viewpoint and in different editorial forms, from service stories and buying guides to long-form features and concise fashion-styling tips.

Write for Racked.comThe editors work with both emerging and seasoned freelance writers. The best way to garner a writing assignment is to pitch a submission to one of these categories:

Personal Essays: helpful “evergreen” essays on any experience related to shopping, clothes, beauty, and style. Word length: up to 1K words.

Regular Features: original reporting covering the shopping experience or the industry, including: business and trends, cultural analysis, histories, unexpected one-offs, shopping subcultures, etc. Word length: 1200-2K words.

Longform Features: in-depth feature stories written in a narrative or investigative style (or both) about the business and/or culture of shopping. Because travel may be required to conduct the reporting, the editors assign stories two months before the published date. Word length: 4500-6K words.

Shopping Service: Racked publishes a lot of “shopping service” pieces in the form of Guides, Product Recommendations, Brand Spotlights, and Local Shopping. Average word length runs between 300 and 800 words, depending on the service piece.

Generally, Racked publishes articles about how and why we buy things, but also diverse stories on how shopping influences politics, culture, lifestyle, and technology.

Payment: Racked pays competitive freelance rates.

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