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FreeFall magazine Calls for Canadian Poetry and Prose – Pays up to $100/story

Write for FreeFall magazineCanadian literary journal FreeFall is accepting submissions from Canadian writers for next year’s issue published in May 2018.

The prose editors are reviewing both fiction and nonfiction: short fiction stories, book excerpts, creative nonfiction articles, short plays, and postcard narratives.

Word count: under 4K words. Pays $10/page, up to a flat rate of $100/story.

The poetry editors welcome poems on any theme and in any style. You can submit up to five poems. Page count: under 6 pages. Pays $25/poem.

The editors will also entertain queries for book reviews (700-900 words per review) from and by Alberta authors, but they will consider book reviews from all Canadian artists. Pays $10/page.

Deadline: December 31, 2017. Read submission guidelines here

Launched in 1990 FreeFall celebrated 26 years of publishing last year. The journal is published three times yearly in both print and digital formats. Each issue features the works of emerging Canadian writers and poets.

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