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‘FP Essentials’ Needs New Articles on Family Medicine – Pays $4,000

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) needs qualified authors to write short discourses on upcoming topics for the ‘FP Essentials‘–a subscription-based program which distributes monthly essays, discourses, and audio/video productions on specific issues significant to family medicine to over 5K subscribers.

AAFP and its local affiliates represent over 100,000 family physicians, citizens, and medical students.

Currently, AAFP needs authors for these topics:

  • Nephrology Update
  • Eye Conditions in Older Adults
  • Heart Failure Update
  • Care of Patients with HIV

Deadlines for manuscripts will differ. Typically, authors have 6-8 weeks to prep a refined draft manuscript ideal to propose for peer review.

Authors can work in teams of four, but the team must designate one lead author who is responsible for the manuscript and correspondence with editors and staff.

Word length: up to 10K words.

Payment: $4,000/topic.

Proposal Deadline: March 15, 2017. Submit a proposal at the website.

Founded in 1947, the organization’s mandate is to enhance the health and wellness of patients, family members, and local communities.

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