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Fiction Authors Invited to Submit Their Manuscripts to Spencer Hill Press

Spencer Hill Press is inviting agents and unagented authors to submit their manuscripts to the acquisition editors for review.

Founded in 2010 Spencer Hill Press is a NYC-based independent publisher of high-quality fiction books, specializing in Young Adult and Adult Contemporary Romance literature. The imprint’s line of modern romance novels craft a colorful outlook on what love and romance can be. The editors will also review manuscripts classified as Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, or Middle-Grade, especially if manuscripts are part of a collective series.

Authors will need to submit:

  1. At least three sample chapters (or 50 pages) or the full manuscript
  2. A cover letter about the author and his or her book
  3. A synopsis
  4. The target audience for the book and why it appeals to readers
  5. A list of relevant social media contacts that would help promote and publicize the book.
  6. Links to the author’s social media and website.

[ Read submission guidelines ]

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