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Fantasy Writers Invited to Submit to ‘Sword and Sorceress’ Anthology – Pays 6 cents/word

Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust has opened submissions to the 32nd volume of Sword and Sorceress, an anthology of collected stories from the genre.

Writers are invited to submit any story classified as “sword and sorcery” and having a strong female central character whom readers will connect with and care about.

Editor and award-winning writer Elisabeth Waters will consider stories embedded in modern times (urban fantasy), but only one or two stories will be accepted. She also wants a short and funny story to conclude the anthology.

Story length: up to 9K words. Shorter stories are encouraged.

Payment: 6 cents per word (considered pro-rates for this genre), plus a share against future royalties.

Deadline to submit: May 14, 2017. Read submission guidelines here.

The previous anthology, Sword & Sorceress, vol. 32, was published in November 2016, and featured 17 stories running 270+ pages.

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