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Expat Writers Invited to Write Short ‘Postcards’ for International Living magazine – Pays $75/submission


The editors of International Living magazine (est. 1979) are inviting expat writers to submit short narratives to the magazine’s Daily Postcard department.
You don’t have to be a professional writer to submit. The editors simply want writers to share their experience about living overseas and encapsulate that experience in a postcard-type narrative as if writing back to a family member or friend.

Writers can share their experiences related to: their overseas journey, any life-changing events, new cultural experiences, buying real estate for a new home, celebrating different holidays, meeting new friends, etc. You can read sample postcards at

Suggested word length: around 500 words.

Payment: $75/piece.

The editors welcome submissions year-round. Read the updated submission guidelines at International Living’s website.

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