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Entangled Publishing is Looking for Romantic Comedy Novels for Lovestruck Imprint


Entangled Publishing (est. 2011) is seeking manuscripts for Lovestruck, a new imprint publishing romantic comedy novels. The editors want romances spurred by the hero and heroine’s enchanting “connection”–whether meeting coincidentally or unintentionally–on a romantic level. The romance needs to be vibrant, spirited, and sensual, kicking off with an unplanned “meet-cute” and concluding with a “swoon-worthy” ending.

The Lovestruck imprint encourages authors to use 1) realistic heros, late-20s to mid-30s, who are bold and successful at what they do; 2) modern women heroines, mid- to late-20s, encountering the future love of their life in peculiar, often hilariously surprising situations; 3) heat levels, moderate to high; and 4) a 50/50 POV between the hero and heroine (3rd person POV is suggested. The editors are open to M/M and F/F category romance, as well as multicultural characters.

Length: 45K-60K words per manuscript.

Royalties: digital-first releases earn up to 35% of cover price; print royalties start at 7.5% of cover price.

Read author guidelines at Entangled Publishing’s website.

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