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Electric Literature Calls for Personal Essays for ‘Novel Gazing’ Series – Pays $60/essay

Independent literary publisher Electric Literature (est. 2009) is inviting creative writers to submit stories to Novel Gazing, a personal essay series.

The editors want writers to share their feelings and viewpoints on any book, film, TV show, or story that helped them see a better way.

What stories made you discover that something was amiss with society’s approach towards gender, or beauty, or sexual privilege? What stories showed you how to identify the injustice, and how to fight? Maybe you read about a scathing relationship, and reluctantly identified yourself. Maybe you faced a male villain so completely repugnant that he could only exist in fiction, and then recognized that you’d known him the whole time. Maybe your favorite heroine appeared untouchably strong and that helped you to be strong too.

Word length: 800 to 4K words per essay.

Payment: $60 per essay.

Deadline: November 15, 2017.

[ Read Full Submission Guidelines ]

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