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Cicada Magazine Calls for Lovable Monster Stories – Pays 25 cents/word

Cicada magazine, an edgy cultural arts publication for young adults (ages 15+), is inviting writers to submit prose and poetry for an upcoming monster-themed issue.

The editors are reviewing fiction, poetry, comics, and essays on how we view monsters–from a different perspective. Instead of writing about repulsive, uncanny, and hungry monsters that readers normally expect, writers are encouraged to show monsters living their best lives: monsters in love; monsters that refuse to apologize for being monsters; monsters accepting their own monstrousness and thriving in society.

Write for Cicada magazine

General Guidelines

In fiction, genres include sci-fi/f, historical fiction, and flash fiction to novellas. Narrative nonfiction can include essays on literature, culture and arts. Poetry is also welcome.

Word length: up to 9K words for fiction; up to 5K words for nonfiction; and open line count for poetry.

Payment: 25 cents/word for prose; 10 cents/word for fiction; $3/line for poetry.

Deadline: December 1, 2017.

Read writer’s guidelines at Cicada’s submission page.

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