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Choice of Games LLC is Seeking Interactive Fiction Stories – Pays up to $10K per story

Write interactive fiction stories for Choice of Games LLCChoice of Games LLC, a qualifying SFWA freelance market, is seeking more writers to craft interactive novels and multiple-choice games, in the format of Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides. The company publishes text-based “choose a path” multiple-choice gamebooks using an easy programming language called ChoiceScript.

The company wants to receive more story pitches from fiction writers for its “Choice of Games” imprint. A typical choose-your-path novel runs 60K words and above.

Writers can choose from two contract terms: 1) a $500 advance for an approved story outline, a $4,500 advance for the finished game, and 25% ongoing royalties; or 2) a total payment of $10,000 over a sequence of milestones.

The company is also seeking:

  • Experienced romance writers for its new Heart’s Choice label. ($5000 advance against 25% royalties, for a minimum 60,000-word game.)
  • Emerging writers for its Hosted Games label. (Royalties on game sales.)

Choice of Games publishes its interactive novels as downloadable apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and other platforms.

Read submission guidelines before you pitch your story.

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