Anthology - Call for Submissions

Broken Eye Books Seeks Weird Fiction/Sci-Fi for Two Anthologies – Pays 6 cents/word


Speculative fiction publisher Broken Eye Books will be opening a special reading period to curate alternate history steampunk ghost stories for a forthcoming anthology titled, Ghost in the Cogs. The reading period will start March 1, 2015 and close April 1, 2015.

During the reading period the editors will review stories set in a steampunk environment where possessed robots adopt lives of their own, where progressive machinists funnel the spirits to power their mechanized creations, and where vengeful ghosts haunt possessed gasworks.

Broken Eye Books will also be reviewing weird/sci-fi stories for a second anthology called Tomorrow’s Cthulhu. This anthology will contain tales of the Cthulhu Mythos with elements of super science and transhumanism.

Word length: up to 4K words.

Payment: 6 cents/word (considered pro-rates for this genre).

Rights: First Print and Electronic Rights. Full details at the publisher’s website.

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