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Bright Wall/Dark Room magazine Calls for Childhood Film Essays – Pays $25/profile

Creative writers who are strong storytellers are invited to submit comprehensive essays on films or television shows that revolve around “childhood” in some way for a forthcoming issue of Bright Wall/Dark Room (est. 2013).

The monthly online magazine critiques, analyzes and dissects movies in personal, creative, and meaningful ways to deliver “more emotionally, more humanly” movie reviews.

Currently, the editors publish between eight and ten editorial pieces monthly, defined loosely by a theme. Writers can read previous essays, interviews, and narratives to determine what the editor is seeking as far as content and format.

Word length: use your judgement.

Token payment: $25 per essay/profile/piece.

Deadline: April 6, 2017. Read submission guidelines at Bright Wall/Dark Room’s website. (Future themes are also posted.)

Chad Perman, Editor-in-Chief, also welcomes pitches unrelated to the theme.

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