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Blood Bound Books is Seeking Novel-Length Horror Stories – Pays $600 Advance plus Royalties

Blood Bound Books (est. 2009), a small press publisher of horror, suspense, and dark fantasy novels, is still reviewing new novel-length horror stories.

Both emerging and seasoned authors are invited to submit:

Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Horror
These are stories set in a universe other than our own. They can be futuristic or fantastic–full of eccentric technology, outlandish panoramas, and dark magic. (Do NOT submit supernatural romance, space opera, or traditional heroic fantasy.)

Literary Horror
These stories unravel in true-to-life settings and intensify our feelings of suspense, fear, and horror. Themes can range from modern noir with a bent perceptiveness to cutting-edge supernatural fiction to psychological horror. The editors are open to vampires, werewolves, zombies and mad scientists as long as the story is original, surprising, and invigorating.

Dark Erotica
These stories examine sinister or transgressive sexuality from a realistic or fantastical viewpoint. Explicit content is okay. (Do NOT submit mainstream horror romance or conventional romance thrillers.)

Extreme Horror
Stories that probe the horrors of the flesh, the earthly, and the inconceivable. Bloodthirstiness, hysteria and terror, repugnant ruthlessness, and– most importantly– originality are encouraged. Nothing is forbidden, but intense bloodshed must be balanced with powerful characters and a rabble-rousing story.

Experimental Horror
These are stories categorized as bizarro, dark satire, black comedy, or other types of borderline speculative horror genres.

Manuscript length: not to exceed 100K words.

Compensation: Advance payment (between $250-$600), plus royalties.

Authors will need to submit a short story synopsis (under 500 words), along with their full manuscript.

Blood Bound Books publishes novels in both paperback and digital editions.

Reading period ends: April 20, 2017. Read manuscript submission guidelines at the publisher’s website.

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