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Enter the 2018 Best First Traditional Mystery Novel Competition – $10,000 Prize – No Entry Fee

Minotaur Books and Malice Domestic, imprints of St. Martin’s Press, is encouraging mystery fiction writers to participate in the 2018 Best First Traditional Mystery Novel Competition. The judges will award a $10,000 basic publishing contract to the novelist who has penned the best book-length story in the mystery genre.

Minotaur BooksManuscript guidelines:

1. Submit one manuscript of at least 65K words written in English.

2. Manuscript must be original, unpublished, and the sole work of the author.

3. Author must not have had a mystery book previously published by an imprint or self-published.

4. Murder, mystery, and/or crime should be the primary components of the story.

5. The characters, both the innocent and the presumed guilty, should be familiar with one another. The suspects should exhibit genuine motives and rational expectations to have committed the crime. The protagonist must be the “detective” who handles and solves the crime.

The $10,000 prize is offered as an advance against royalty payments.

The competition is open to any writer, of any ethnic background, aged 18 or older.

Submit your manuscript online by January 12, 2018. [ Enter Mystery Novel Competition ]

Minotaur Books: https://us.macmillan.com/minotaurbooks/

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