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B Cubed Press Calls for Sci-Fi and Fantasy for ‘After the Orange’ Anthology – Pays up to $100/story

B Cubed Press is soliciting submissions for After the Orange, a forthcoming anthology of sci-fi and fantasy stories about the post-Trump presidency.

The premise of the anthology: The Trump Presidency has come and gone. Has this invoked the Trump Dynasty or has it brought forth a return to core values, a hedonistic paradise—or what? What does the post-Trump future hold?

The editors are seeking near- or farther-future stories about society as it is after 2032—at least two presidential election cycles after Donald Trump’s last acceptability. Reveal America or the world in a new era; examine world politics transformed by US policies and people. Or transcend to new boundaries of change.

Writers can expose an optimistic or pessimistic, idealistic or apocalyptic vision of the future provided the story connects to current events and the world in 2017. Driven by strong characters and an interesting plot, stories of political roguishness would be intriguing—so would stories with elements of romance, spooks, robots and evil overlords, witticism or mockeries. But remember: the world has gone ahead.

Word length: 500-5K words per story.

Token payment: $10-$100/story (2 cents/word), plus shared royalty.

Deadline: December 15, 2017.

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